Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Want to take trendy photos, smear a background with DSLRs

The next advantage of the Digital SLR camera – you can smear a background and pick out someone or anything which is in the centre of your attention. It’s good for me because when I want to take a picture of my cat into the balcony I can have only the cat view. Not my garbage on the dirty balcony! It’s good for lovers because you can take a picture of your girlfriend against any background. Look at that face – I think she is beautiful! You can smear and blur the background for fun, creative effects which makes your photos original and such interesting. Unlikely you can take a picture like this with an ultra zoom (I have a lot of posts about these cams and some of SLR-like digital cameras are really interesting)or a built-in camera in your smart phone. Even if you have a new SonyEricsson K800 with such "а must" for mobile phone image stabilizer!
And you can shoot in RAW mode. Don’t look at the majority of digital photographers who are shooting all of their images in Jpeg. This makes it easy to process the images but also means that you're throwing away valuable image quality every time you take a shoot. Raw files are your starting material like a “digital” negative. You can work on them without impairing quality much, whereas working in Jpeg files; you lose quality with each adjustment. It’s not a rule to take a shoot only in RAW mode. But it’s a good advantage of your Digital SLR camera which can be useful for any moments. Don’t to consign to oblivion this SLR cam resource.

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Anonymous said...

It's a nice picture and a nice girl on the right.