Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sony A100 kit – it’s not an expensive DSLR camera for risky trips.

This New Year I needed to go to Eastern Europe on business. I had neither time no enough money for my search and I forgot about Pentax and bought Sony A100 kit with SAL1870 lens for $725. Then I bought Sony’s Memory Stick Duo Pro Card for $45 and Samsonite’s case for $24 and set of to the airport to find some adventures for my ass. I had a long interesting trip over Eastern Europe. I saw new people and new cities. I got important information about the region. Boeing is really No1 because all of local planes were built before Gorbachov’s Perestroyka came. And never talk about politics with East European people – you can’t stop them because they can acuse their government for hours. And now I know – I made a right choice with Sony A100 because I have a real pleasure for little money! Sony’s kit lens is really good. It's not as perfect as Carl Zeiss lenses but I can take excellent pictures with it. For more information look at the Post: How to shoot with 10 great Sony Alpha lenses and not to be beaten by salesmen I could take more than 380 pictures in cold streets, sometimes using built-in flash with one battery charge. Sony’s first SLR device has a strong handy body, good hand grip and not a complicated control. It looks modest and can’t be a pursuit of pilferers. Of course some professionals will be in favor of Canon and Nikon. They have a burden of so many expensive devices, lenses and other gadgets of these brands. But I think, Sony A100 is a good choice for buying your first SLR camera. May be it’s bad for old leaders of photo market though people who want to change their compacts into DSLR cameras can buy more opportunities for less money. But we must know Sony A100 is not the only camera to start with. A lot of new DSLR once from Fujifilm, Panasonic etc. especially from Samsung are coming! We'll talk about them later.
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