Friday, July 20, 2007

Women’s reasons to choose Nikon D80

The Eastern ChurchWedding on the Eastern EuropeChoosing between SLR and SLR-like, comparing Nikon D80, D40x with Canon Rebel XTi or Sony A100, we look at their features, technical characteristics and think that is the main point. For more look through Sony A100 vs Nikon D80 more worthy than Sony A100 vs DSC-H9/H7 and Canon EOS400/XTi, Nikon D40x and Pentax K10 pros& cons; SLR over SLR-like triple benefits. A lot of photographers look only at the name, opting for such brands as Nikon or Canon. For dome the criterion is the size of the camera. Some judge by lens set. Trying to understand advantages one can get purchasing a digital camera, I asked a well-known photographer what is the decisive point for her choice. And I got an answer which is a much more helpful advice for me than any reviews and summary tables featuring camera specifications.
Susanne comments:
I'm not THAT big technical freak who knows everything about all technical details in a camera - for that do manuals a very good job. I use the booklet that comes with the camera if I need to know more about numbers, special settings and more details.Wedding on the Eastern Church I do my photography more with "feeling", it's called also intuition. It's well known also, that woman photographers work much more intuitive than men.
Of course I have learned in my 4 year education as a photographer everything in photography and I know about the basics in a camera, that's why I love also to work still with my "good old Nikon F3" - if I'm not in a hurry and if I have the time for all the setups on the scene!
The Nikon D80 I'm using today most for weddings, because of the 10.2MP and the faster shutter speed and the big sized memory card, 2GB. It gives me the freedom to concentrate my creativity to my wedding couple - and not to the technics! I bought the D80 only for the reason of more MP and the good price. It worth’s so much for me what I get in this camera. And there are still a lot more possibilities in the Nikon D80 to discover what I did not tried out until today. I'm really using maybe only 35% fm all the possibilities of this great camera. I still have also my Nikon
D70 as a backup camera in my weddings and I love that one too.
One thing more I want mention here too: my eyes are getting slowly bad and I'm so thankful, that I have the guarantee in the D80 for a reliable auto focus and the knowledge of 100% absolutely focused pictures!
Eastern Church low light shootI use for the most with the D80 the NIKKOR 18-300mm; it gives me the widest variety of all lenses in one - I have not to change objectives and missing out a good scene in a wedding.
I prefer the D80 because it is compact, not too heavy to carry around with me and I know I will have always perfect images!
In my opinion, in that case Nikon D80 is a better choice. It’s a great SLR with a large sensor, rich with features, but not as expensive as Nikon D200. For more about SLRs look through Pentax K10D vs. Nikon D80 or vs. D200? Samsung GX-10 as Canon killer? and The summary table of DSLR cameras specifications. I post some weddings photos from Eastern Europe only to illustrate serviceability of 10 MP sensor. But I am really eager to get users’ opinions, your reviews of any digital cameras and your own reasons for choosing them. Please send me your opinions about cameras you have used. I want to devote a special post to photographers’ predilections.


Anonymous said...

I think that D80 is a really great choice on SLR market. This camera is really nice for the 1st and even 2nd step into the digital SLR photography. I've made more then 25.000 pictures
by my Nikon D80 and there were a great many not bad photos.

fototramp said...

Yes, I’m agree. The Nikon D80 is an excellent SLR, much more interesting that shortcut D40 and D40X.