Sunday, November 18, 2007

Choosing Digital Compact camera: Canon A650 vs A640, against A630

Canon A650 vs A630: we ask for picture qualityModern Canon 1/1.8 " (7.18 x 5.32 mm) sensor A-series replaced the double-digit A-series, which had an excellent compact, such as 5 megapixels, 3x zoom Powershot A95 (August 2005).
There were 4x 5MP A610 and 7MP A620 in 2005, 8MP and 10MP A630 and A640 in 2006 and the latest 12MP model Canon A650 with 6x zoom lens. I am using A95 and A630 as my second cameras for a long time and I can say that to shoot with these two is a pleasure.
Some “good points” about Powershot A650
As for Canon A650, I already used abuse in my previous posts and now I give this possibility for one of its users:
I bought this to upgrade from the PowerShotA570 that is an excellent camera, but the bigger chip and bigger zoom of the Canon A650 made me its owner. At first, I thought I must have been doing something wrong, but no, there is a lot of noise at anything over base ISO. Especially starting at ISO 125 and up it is much nosier than the Canon A570 and frankly ruins any gains from the 12-mega pixels. There is also more pronounced lag time between shots. While the dynamic range is better than my A570 (probably due to the larger chip), the noise was just too much to ignore. For the price it is not worth it, so back to the store it went. I am happy with cheap Powershot A570 except for the long flash delay and blown out highlights. For more details about Powershot A650 look at: Canon Powershot G9, SD950 and A650: can 12MP make SLR from compact.
Canon's small sensor nightly noiseCanon A650 advantages
To tell the truth I can sign to each word. As for A650’s advantages, let’s look through and compare it with A640 / A630. To start with, it is helpful to look at this user’s scream: “Please, we do not ask for more pixels, we ask for better quality!
- 12.1 megapixels
- 6x optical zoom
- Total anti-blur solution with optical Image Stabilizer, High ISO Auto and Auto ISO Shift
- 2.5” vari-angle LCD with real-image zoom optical viewfinder
- DIGIC III with Face Detection AF/AE/FE and Red-Eye Correction in playback
- 21 shooting modes including full manual control and Long Play VGA movies
- Optional accessories including lenses and waterproof case
Comparing A650 with A640 / A630, we can find a 6x zoom lens forced by an image stabilizer and nothing more important exsept the price (abt. $380-470).
Canon A640 advantages
-10.0 Megapixels
- 2.5” vari-angle LCD screen and real-image optical viewfinder
- 4x optical zoom
- DIGIC II, iSAPS, 9-Point AiAF, FlexiZone AF/AE
- Digital Tele-Converter and Safety Zoom
- 21 shooting modes
Canon PowerShot A640 ($290-380) has more pros than cons. Although it has high resolution at 10 megapixels, but that will not be necessary for most users of this camera. A majority of photografers do not need to create life-size posters.
Canon A630 advantages
There were the same as A640 pros:
- Good noise control
- Clever analog display
- Clear help system
- Comfortable grip
- Flip out LCD monitor with wide view
- Flash exposure compensation
- Manual control
- Great movie mode
- Price about $245 - 260
For more look through Nikon Coolpix P5100 vs P5000: it’s better to look at Canon A630.
Final result of using a CMOS sensor in a compactHowever, there is an adequate 8-megapixel sensor, which allows selling Powershot A630 for a good price and making this compact the best purchase in the digital market.Unfortunately, we can get great new digital compact cameras from Canon ink. only after the speedy completion of the project of developing CMOS sensors for compact models. Canon has already invested $451 million for building a new CMOS production factory in Japan. ‘The new plant will have roughly the same annual production capacity as another factory in Kanagawa which can churn out 3 million CMOS chips a year. The CMOS chips will be used in both single lens reflex (SLR) models as well as in some compact models. For more details look through: Canon PowerShot with CMOS sensor: SLR-like vs. SLR or instead? and Canon vs. Sony: 5 billion more for better ultra-zoom with CMOS sensor.
I collect info about all digital cameras. Tell me what you need and we will find the one together. Feel at ease at Comments directory.


Anonymous said...

I am looking for a digital camera for under $200. What is the best choice you would suggest and why? Do you know something about a particular camera? I will use the camera for just normal picture taking, especially for the holidays.

fototramp said...

To anonymous
Look at Canon’s A-series. It is better to pay your attention at some simple models without useless features and extra pixels as A560 or A570. However, if you can pay a little more (abt. $250), look at the Canon A630. This model can fight with groovy Canon G9 and A650 but it is a truly compact with a good image quality for fair money.

Anonymous said...

The Canon A630 has fantastic quality for the price. It is easy to use, with a bright lens and very sharp. Well built, a lot of features. Good quality images (80-200 ISO).

Lui said...

I have the Canon powershot A630 IS. 8 MP. I like it. It uses AA batteries. I was surprised that it takes good mini movies. It takes great close ups shoots in macro setting and has several preset settings along with auto. Like most digital point and shoot camera's it has a lag time. However, if you depress the button halfway and then wait for your shot, you can get a decent picture. It's a nice size and it's always in my purse. It has image stabilizer and face recognition.

fototramp said...

To Lui
Yes, I agree, the Canon Powershot A630 is my favorite digital compact.

leo said...

I want to know the counterpart models of U.S. Canon Powershot SD750, SD850, SD1000, etc to the European Models and/or vice versa.

Thank you very much.


fototramp said...

To Leo
The Canon Powershot SD750 also known as IXUS 75, SD850 also known as Digital IXUS 950 IS, SD 1000 also known as Digital IXUS 70.

Anonymous said...

Yes there is some noise starting at Iso 200, Iso 400 is not much worse though, so that's what I use when shooting at low light situations.

And after that, I take Neat image to reduce the noise to zero within a few seconds. What many people don't get is, that this camera wasn't really made for nightshootings, and if so, then with the flash turned on at a nice iso 80 or 100 cause it can keep colors great even with the flash turned on, the dynamic range is also better than most of it's rivals.

If you would look at the full res Iso 80 pictures then you'll realize that the 12MP are real and the images are MUCH beter in detail overall.

The best pictures are shot in sunlight, and that is where this little camera outshines every single other camera on the market, because of the most natural colors and the best sharpness in it's class!

fototramp said...

To Anonymous
Can you send me some your photos (with different ISO), any camera's views and much detailed opinion about your cam? I'll be glad to make a special post with your information.

fragment said...

Thanks for the input from all of you. I was wondering if the image stabilization offers something substantial to the a650 when compared to the a630? I am debating between purchasing the two. Thanks for the help!

fragment said...
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fragment said...

An addendum: I am debating between the A630, 650, and 570/90 and am trying to find a balance between image quality and versatility (implied in features such as image stabilizer).

Again, thanks for any tips

Colin said...

I have been looking, never seen the a630 around here....but have read many good reviews about the the Canon a720 or Fuji s700, which are available. Any experience/comments between these two, or similar ones that I can try to find? Hoping to keep it in the $200 range (uh, Canadian $ that is....)
Thanks. If I had more time I would read all the pages and pages posted here, there is great information...but I need this as a gift asap!

fototramp said...

To Colin
Unfortunately, the Canon A630 is an old model and now it is easier to look at the Canon A640. As for the Canon A720, it has a bigger zoom, however, a smaller sensor size. In addition, there is a great and not expensive model -- the Fujifilm F40. It is easy-to-use compact camera with an excellent Fuji's sensor.
Regards, Alex

fragment said...

How important would you say is image stabilization? If looking at the 720 and the 630/40

Colin said...

Thanks for the quick answer...
The canon 640 does not seem to be available anywhere local to me anymore.
i was comparing the f40, but because the fuji f40 didn't have manual focus option, which I think they will like for making some 'artsy fartsy' shots sometimes. I also like a bit more zoom. Other user reviews were lower for f40 than the s700 (aka s5700).
Still undecided about which to buy between my first two...both seem to be overall getting good reviews from users...the canon a720 seems to have higher user reviews where the fujis700 had higher pro reviews...oh, what to do!!!
Suppose I have more reading before I choose...I need to get it in the next day or so...

Abhi said...

Dear Fototramp,

I have been using Canon A640 since last year and I am pertty much happy with that except the fact if I am moving in my car and I try to shoot a picture that picture gets very blury since 640 dosen't support motion detection.

Now I am thinking of buying a SD series camera. On Canon site they have posted some new SD series camera like SD 890, 790 & 770.

These models have Motion Detection technology. Do you think one of these can solve the issue I have. And which one would you suggest in those 3 new models.

Looking forward for your reply.