Friday, December 21, 2007

Aiptek A-HD and GO-HD camcorders as the best choice for MySpace or YouTube

Aiptek A-HD as a Spy gadgetLooking to the Aiptek GO-HD or A-HD it is a little hard to compare these small HD camcorders with some excellent gadgets such as Canon NV20, Panasonic SD1 or Sony CR7. However, even in comparison with Sanyo Xacti family as HD1 and HD2, the Aiptek GO-HD performs good movie quality, especially in low light situations. Though Sanyo HD1 or HD2 and Aiptek GO-HD and A-HD are similar gadgets, it is wrong to call Aiptek cams as a ‘knock-off’ of Sanyo HD camcorders. For more look through: Aiptek GO-HD vs Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1 or HD2.
Aiptek HD: $170 for 720P high definition video
The Aiptek GO-HD and A-HD uses a H.264 compression to achieve a 4.5 Mbps data rate, whereas the VPC-HD2 uses a MPEG4 compression to achieve a 9 Mbps data rate. The H.264 compression is much more computationally intensive than MPEG4 compression, so there must be something fundamentally different about these two camcorders. As for image quality, even though the Go-HD has half the data rate of the VPC-HD2, there are many users’ suggestions that the Aiptek Go-HD has an edge over the VPC-HD2. This fact with Aiptek’s very attractive prices makes the GO-HD for $250 and A-HD for $170 good value for money. For more details look through 12 main points for clever HD camcorder choosing.
Aiptek GO-HD key features
- 5 mega pixels CMOS sensor
- 3x Optical Zoom with Auto Focus
- 2.4" TFT rotational Color LCD Display
- 2-inch Macro Zoom for capturing 5cm close-up pictures or video clips
- Built-in LED lights for video recording in dark and low light situations
- Recharge Battery via USB, no need to remove battery from camera
- HDTV Component Output
- Removable Hard Disk and SD/MMC Card Reader
Aiptek GO-HD specifications
The GO-HD comprises 1280x720 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio at 30 fps using advanced H.264 technology. With a 3-x Optical Zoom and Auto-Focus, it can capture not bad quality movie.
- 3-x Optical Zoom lens, 7.5-21.5mm, F 3.6-6.7
- Movie Mode: 1280 x 720 Pixels (H.264) 30 fps, 720 x 480 Pixels (D1) 30 fps, 352 x 240 Pixels (CIF) 30 fps
- MOV Video Format
- Still Images: 2560 x 1920 pixels 5MP, 2048 x 1536 pixels 3MP
- Macro Mode: 5-30cm (at 1x fixed zoom)
- Normal Mode: 30cm - infinity
- LCD Display: 2.4” TFT Panel with 270° Rotation
- External Memory: SD Card Slot (256MB - 8GB)
- TV Out: HDTV (Component Out) NTSC/PAL Color System Supported
- Interface USB2.0
- Battery NP-60 1000mA Li-Ion battery
Aiptek GO-HD pros and cons
- Low light video
- Sharp panoramic video
- Video light in addition to flash
- Remote with all options (record video, take picture, zoom, and navigate all menus)
- Good Macro mode
- Tripod mount is right below the lens, which is good for photo stitching
- Zooming is loud with noticeable motor noise
- Audio is mono
- Cheap feeling
- Poor menu
- Complicated photo/video review (takes a couple of button click to go back and view recently taken footage)
- Battery goes down while it synchronize SD card
- No sequential action snapshot mode
- Can't lock focus and no manual focus
- Grip is awkward and difficult to hold and press buttons
- Date Time setting keeps be reset
- No Lens cover
Of course, the Aiptek GO-HD may not meet the needs of the prosumer enthusiast. However, as an inexpensive digital HD camcorder, which can takes still pictures and has a good 30 fps high definition movie mode, it is a very interesting gadget. For more details look through: Puppet Sanyo Xacti HD2 vs clever Canon HV20 or groovy JVC GZ-HD7: it's time to buy a HD-camcorder or wait?.
Aiptek A-HD key features
The A-HD performs 720P high definition video quality to provide a completely new high quality DV experience. One-touch recording allows you to capture stunning HD 1280 x 720 - 16:9 aspect ratio video clips at 30 frames per second with advanced H.264 technology. The Aiptek A-HD allows using up to 8GB of SD card storage to record longer video before having to upload to PC.
- 5 Mega-Pixel CMOS (2592 x 1944) sensor, up to 8MP with still images
- 2-x Digital Zoom
- AV-IN, Record at 720 x 480 (D1) for connecting to TV/VCR/DVD player to record video clips, pictures, and audio recordings
- HDTV Component Output
- Recharge Battery via USB, no need to remove battery from camera
Aiptek A-HD specifications
- Still Image 3200 x 2400 pixels (8MP), 2560 x 1920 pixels (5MP), and 2048 x 1536 pixels (3MP)
- Movie Mode: 1280 x 720 pixels (H.264) 30 fps, 720 x 480 pixels (D1) 30 fps, 352 x 240 Pixels (CIF) 30 fps
- MOV Video Format
- Macro Mode: 30-50cm
- Normal Mode: 50cm - infinity
- 2.4” TFT Panel with 270° Rotation
- Internal Memory: 6MB
- External Memory: SD Card Slot (256MB - 8GB)
Aiptek GO-HD and A-HD vs Sony HDR-CX7 and Panasonic HDC DX1 / SD1- TV Out HDTV (Component Out) NTSC/PAL Color System Supported
- Interface USB2.0
- Battery NP-60 1000mA Li-Ion battery
- 2GB SD Card allows recording 60 min HD 1280 x 720 movie at 30fps
The Aiptek GO-HD and A-HD are not prosumer cameras such as Sony Handycam HDR-CX7 or Panasonic HDC DX1 / SD1, but they are great for carrying around all the time in a pocket like the Sanyo HD2. Moreover, for $170-250 instead of $800-1000 for CX7 and HDC-SD1, these gadgets can be really useful in some exotic situations, especially when a monkey mixes up your camcorder with a banana. Of course, these HD camcorders look like Christmas toys, but I will be glad to get one of them as a Christmas gift. As for ‘Youtubers’ and ‘Myspacers’, Aiptek GO-HD and A-HD may be not the best, but a cheap and good HD camcorder’s choice.


Camsman said...

Do you really thinking that the $170’ HD camcorder can capture a not bad quality movie?

fototramp said...

Why not? Only the camera’s sensor can capture good images. The camera’s price can capture our money.

Cresce said...

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fototramp said...

To Cresce
No more links, please!

Anonymous said...

Check out vimeo dot com and do a search for Aiptek... lots of great sample clips!

fototramp said...

Thanks, Ken
There are some good clips from cheap Aiptek HD camcorders in this site.

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fototramp said...

To brave anonymous
My blog is not anglo-saxon; it is my blog in English (good or bad it's my problem) with my photos from some beautiful countries. If you wanna see your favorite garbage can everywere, it's your trouble. I like to see Thailand, Japan, and Jordania etc. As for Cresce, I don't know this man and, what is more, I don't whant to study Portuguese for your crap looking. Chill out, man. Nothing is perfect.

Drew White said...

So which one is better the GO-HD or the A-HD?