Sunday, December 17, 2006

DSLR camera advantages

It's harder to shoot sports competitions. Football and hockey players are very fast guys. They don't know that your compact has auto focus based on detecting contrast, which can't be as fast as they are. To show the feeling of flying as we can see on that black-and-white photo taken by CanonEOS350D (Canon Digital Rebel XT) is not possible with a compact.
Another advantage of SLR camera is an opportunity of changes photo lenses. Wide Zoom, Standard Zoom, Telephoto, Macro Lenses, DC and Tele Lenses - their choice is really big! For more information look at my other posts:
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And using them gives us a new range of possibilities. We can make pictures of outlying, invisible objects. And we can take pictures of beautiful butterflies, which are flying near our eyes. Lens performance like: focal length from 8 mm to 800 mm, hi tech utilities, like a built-in mechanism of optical stabilizing, high-speed motor drive for fast focusing serve us for making a good picture. Of course, now we have many compact cameras with excellent lens performance. For example - Sony DSC-R1 with a built-in CarlZeiss Vario-Sonnar T-24-120mm lens. But weight of those cameras inc. batteries - 995 g (2.2 lb) and their dimensions - 139 x 168 x 97 mm (5.5 x 6.6 x 3.8 in) are bigger than dimentions of many SLR cameras. However when I hold Sony DSC-R1 in my hands I recall old machine gun advertisement: Better means to get back at neighbors! (look at The summary table of the best SLR-like camera specifications). What’s about Sony’s DSC-R1 price range: $689-980 – I think that Canon EOS 350 D for $485-599 is more interesting. Even as you know the Canon kit lens has become a legendary-device of low quality.
Generally it’s hard to talk about SLR camera advantages when you have to be explained by fingers. Therefore I post some pictures which I took on my Sony A100 with different lenses. I captured this beautiful face when I stayed at a range abt. 300 feet from this young lady. Thanks for Sony’s 300mm F2,8 G because if she can see me, her face can be a little spiteful. It’s a good SLR advantage because you don’t need to ask permission of somebody. But it is not easy to take pictures with so big Telemonster. Anyway you need to use this device before buying. Expressly for flowers and insects lovers we have a Macro lenses. I took picture of this flower with 100mm F2,8 Macro lens. However there are so many SLR lenses and accordingly there are so many SLR camera adventures that I need to make special post to write about them.


Anonymous said...

Digital SLR advantages are must faster at starting, focusing, taking pictures, taking multiple pictures; better at taking pictures under low lighting situations by using higher ISO speeds; offer more control over light, depth of field, responsiveness etc.

Mark said...

I have a Canon S5is and am thinking of buying the Rebel XSi with the kit package of the 18-55 and 55-250is lenses. But my question is if my S5 has up to a 433mm lens (w/o using the converter) how disappointed will I be with the 250mm? I wonder if shooting at 433mm with the S5 would be worse or better than shooting at 250mm and croping/blowing up the image in Photoshop? - would the better CMOS sensor on the XSi (less noise, etc) make up for the lower magnification of the 250mm.

I hope I explained this correctly.