Sunday, December 17, 2006

Digital SLR camera: quick shooting for smart babies

As I haven’t decided camera to buy I’m thinking which over all Digital SLR advantages and drawbacks. I began this story in my previous post: Choosing DSLR camera for travelers: Do we really need it?Its best point is that it hasn't got a lag time - the time between pressing the release button and the shot. Try to ask your lovely cat to wait and pose beautifully before your compact camera can make a shot. I usually manage to shoot my tomcat's tail and hairy balls because it doesn't like being shot. You may also have more problems with taking photos of your kids. You see a nice face with a lovely smile on the LCD but all you get on the picture is a finger in the nose. It was a torture to get what I wanted on the Songkran festival. My wife desired to have a photo taken when she was pouring a gallon of water over the merry Thai people. But all we had to bear with was an empty jug.
Lag time is the time between you pressing the shutter release button and the camera actually taking the shot. The modern digital cams, especially DSLR have not lag time (in ideal) and react in the same way as conventional film cameras, even in burst mode.
Many DSLR users prime the autofocus and autoexposure systems on their cams by half-pressing the shutter release. This lag is the amount of time between a half-press of the shutter release and the camera indicating an autofocus and autoexposure lock on the viewfinder. This timing is normally the most variable as it is affected by the subject matter, current focus position, still and moving subject.
The amount of time it takes to take the shot, assuming you have already primed the camera with a half-press, by pressing the shutter release button all the way down to take the shot.
The amount of time it takes from a full depression of the shutter release button without performing a half-press of the shutter release to the image being taken. This is more representative of the use of the camera in a spur of the moment "point and shoot" situation.
There are a lot of preferences of DSLR in my other posts:
- Low noise;
- You can smear a background and pick out someone or anything which is in the centre of your attention;
- An opportunity of changes photo lenses;

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