Monday, May 28, 2007

Canon PowerShot S5 vs EOS350D, Sony H9 vs A100; SLR-like cam never comes to SLR.

I was surfing in the Net and trying to choose a lens for my Sony A100 when I saw Canon's general manager’s opinion on Canon new SLR-like camera, the PowerShot S5 IS. Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A. said: 'With a broad range of features and a powerful ultra-zoom lens, it is no coincidence that the PowerShot S5 IS digital camera's look and feel evokes the sense of a small, lightweight SLR'. What a clever method to take great shoots. It's as easy as ABC! No more lenses, no more choosing between Sigma, Tamron and Sony. Why must I pay $350 for Sigma 18-200 or even $450 for Sony SAL if I can buy a SLR-like and 'its feel evokes' a SLR camera's master?
But there are no easy ways in this live.
More SLR-like camera's Comparison.
And it's impossible to put into one body some functions of such Hi-Tech devices as: HD camcorder, SLR camera and Tele-Macro lenses and expect all of it to be great. My Nokia-phone 6230i can shoot and make a movie but it makes shitty images and shitty movie. 'For even greater flexibility, The S5 IS camera's MovieSnap feature enables users to capture high-resolution eight-megapixel still images at any point during the movie. This "best of both worlds" solution transforms the family photographer into the family videographer, and preserves moving memories and milestones in their original action format while making key moments a snap to view in frames, photo albums and easy-to-share in emails.' Is it really time for camcorders to die or just an advertising trick? And why can't we have a 36-432 lens for SLR camera?
'From its fast shutter-speed capabilities - up to1/3200 sec. - to the new accessory Hot-Shoe that accommodates a variety of Canon EX-series Speedlite flashes, the PowerShot S5 IS digital camera is a technological bridge between Canon's advanced point and shoot compact digital cameras and its entry-level digital SLR cameras.' Does Hot-Shoe make a SLR from a soap dish cam?
I have already talked about SLR-like cameras in my previous posts. Look at Choosing Digital zoom cam: Canon PowerShot S5 IS can fight with Sony DSC-H9 or H7; Canon, you really can? Even with my good memory about Nikon 8700 I can't get rid of being a little skeptic about these devices. You can ask: Why? Because I don't believe in universal remedy such as SLR-like digital camera. To tell the truth, some photographers recommend it to amateurs trying to get some practice before they buy an SLR. But I think that it's a bad idea because it's not clever to lose $500 before buying a SLR. Indeed a better way for advanced amateur is to buy an old SLR model. There are many spent cheap cams in the market and there are some previous models at good prices such as Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT) which sell for those five hundred $US (
What about sizes and weights; let's compare Canon's PowerShoot S5 IS and Digital Rebel XT. SLR-like has the weight of (include batteries) 540 g (19 oz) and dimensions 127 x 94 x 64 mm (5 x 3.7 x 2.5 in). EOS 350D has accordingly: 550 g (19.4 oz) 117 x 80 x 78 mm (4.6 x 3.2 x 3.1 in). Ten grams and ten mm - big deal, I think! But SLR can give you what you never find in SLR-like camera. It gives you speed!
I already wrote about SLR camera advantages in my previous posts: DSLR camera advantages
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Therefore if you want to shoot flowers, landscapes, sea views and architecture, a SLR-like camera is a right choice. But speedy shooting is the main advantage for those who want to shoot pets, children, birds, animals and people in real live. But you can't get to know about this advantage from SLR-like advertising. And so you must neatly know not only what you want from your new camera but you need to know what this digital device can make. In that case you can write in a forum the same as many happy users: 'Absolutely love the camera!' or 'I will by this camera again!' Otherwise there can appear a post like this: 'The Sports mode is a joke. It defaulted to 1/60 which wouldn't even stop a little old lady crossing the street!'
I want to talk about SLR cameras and their prices. This is the movie which is:' to be continued'. You can buy a SLR cam with a cheap kit lens and some time later (when you really need it) you can buy a Tele, Macro etc. lenses or a flash. SLR is the next level of photography than Compact or SLR-like cameras. And it's a very interesting level and not so expensive as to give your credit card to your wife or visit a Christmas sales. To set an example of SLR camera advantages I am posting some 'afoot' pictures. It was very hard to shoot them even with my favorite Sony A100. In spite of the fact there were teenagers in these photos. Still when I'm shooting babies I have to put them into the glue before, they are too fast. Apropos you can compare (only dimensions and weight) Sony A100 with H5, H7 and H9 in my previous post:7 best SLR-like’s specification table; Sony DSC-H5 as a cheap & clever choice
As for their features, they are incommensurable. Don't look for brains in the ass. There is shit!
I collect info about all digital cameras. Tell me what you need and we will find the one together. Feel at ease at Comments directory.


majid said...

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So here i am linking you relevant site which gives you more informationBad Credit

fototramp said...

Thank you for your nice comments. So you can find more to read in the nearest future. As for bad credit I don't like debts and credits.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. But I can shoot not only old ladies with my Canon PowerShot S3 too.

fototramp said...

I would like to see your photos in my blog. And I know that Canon S3 is a good cam. But I think that you would be able to shoot much better with SLR's advantages.

the dunce said...

I don't want to know anything about your favorite SLR! The Canon S5 has the best ultra-zoom I have ever owned.
Good image quality and special thanks to Canon to keep the AA batteries. The cam is very easy to use and I love the new 3.5 inch LCD.

Anonymous said...

What do u mentioned that, SLR like caeras cant even stop little baby from crossing the road, my dear i think u had given biased views only, my canon S3IS can catch very fast objects with very sharp details, and @ ur pics these look like u someone new to photography had captured them, needs lot of improvement, but the artivale is good

fototramp said...

Very pleased for your Canon S3 / S5. In any case you make a picture, not a camera. But I have some problems with shooting babies even with SLR. I’ll be glad to see your photos and more details about your cameras and your reasons for purchasing SLR-like. It’s very important for me to have any live user’s opinions. Thanks.

Julia said...

Canon S5 IS has a pretty ultra-zoom but some purple fringing in some conditions, noisy images in even moderate light. I was waiting for more from this SLR-like.

fototramp said...

To Julia
Nothins is perfect, however it's a wrong idea to wait a majority of SLR's advantages from an other camera type such as SLR-like.

Ashu said...

I am looking for a camera which is excellent in night indoor shots as well as outdoor sports and landscapes. I have shortlisted Sony H9 and Canon S5, am a bit biased to S5 for it being Canon and cheap accessories and good pic qualities. Please suggest your opinion and if I need to look for other cameras too.

fototramp said...

The Canon S5 is a good camera but for night shooting I'll be prefer the Fujifilm S9600 or some cheap SLRs as the Nikon D40 or the Canon Rebel XT. It's a little hard to take pictures in low lite with non-SLR camera. The main thing for these situations is the sensor size, not megapixels. The best SLR-like cameras, such as Sony-R1, Panasonic FZ50 and Fujifilm IS-1 are huge (750-1000g) and expensive. For more look at:
this post.